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August 11, 2021
NAEPC Webinar: Planning for Business Owners and Trusts in Light of Changing Income Tax Rates
Steven B. Gorin, JD, CPA, CGMA®, AEP® (Distinguished)
September 15, 2021
NAEPC Webinar: The Impact of Testamentary Documents in a Divorce: a Divorce Attorneys' Perspective
Natalia C. Wilson, JD
September 15, 2021 Grantor Trusts
Phil Lindquist (Lindquist Eisenberg)
October 13, 2021
NAEPC Webinar: Social Security Considerations in Estate Planning
Sophia Duffy, JD, CPA and Stephen B. Parrish, JD, RICP®, CLU®, ChFC®, AEP®
October 20, 2021 Private Placement Insurance
Bob Chesner (Edgewater Consulting)
November 2, 2021
58th Annual NAEPC Advanced Estate Planning Strategies Virtual Conference
Your Favorite Nationally-Recognized Experts
November 17, 2021 Family Governance
Christian Kelson (Farrow Gillespie)
December 8, 2021
NAEPC Webinar: Estate Planning for Modern Families: Planning for Diversity and Flexibility
Wendy S. Goffe, JD, AEP® (Distinguished) Nominee and Kim Kamin, JD, AEP®
December 15, 2021 IRS Update on Challenges to FLP and Other Transfer Planning
Anthony Daddino (Meadows Collier)
January 19, 2022 Lincoln, Churchill and the Power of Words
Talmage Boston (ShackelfordLaw)
February 16, 2022 Building Blocks of Blockchain: Primer on Cryptocurrency for Estate Planners
Abigail Earthman (Winstead)
March 3, 2022 Creative Planning for Modern Trusts (Joint Meeting with DEPC)
John Andrews (Andrews Barth)
April 20, 2022 Pre-Sale Planning
Eric Ward (AltaView)
May 18, 2022 Recent Developments in Planning for Special Needs Children
Tresi Weeks (Weeks Law Firm)
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