Past Events

November 15, 2023 Giving Today Planning Tomorrow
Katrina Pipasts
October 18, 2023 The Three C's of a Successful Engagement
Dave Sykes
September 20, 2023 It's All Greek to Me: Explaining Tax-Driven Trust Provisions
Christian Kelso
May 17, 2023 Tax Strategies for Family and Estate Planning
Russ Lacock
April 19, 2023 FLPs in Tax Court - Where We Are Today and How We Got Here
Will Frazier
March 15, 2023 Resources/Considerations in Caring for Aging Parents/Family
Mindy Jones
February 15, 2023 Administering a Trust with a Troubled Beneficiary
David Johnson
January 18, 2023 Women and Wealth
Steph Wagner
December 21, 2022 Beyond Cash: Planning Strategies for Complex Charitable Contributions
November 3, 2022 Effective Estate Planning and Divorce
Aubrey Connatser/Steve Novak
October 19, 2022 Trust Alphabet Soup
Christine Wakeman
September 29, 2022 Social Networking Event
September 21, 2022 New Rule Against Perpetuities Statute
Kelly Perez
May 18, 2022 Recent Developments in Planning for Special Needs Children
Tresi Weeks (Weeks Law Firm)
April 20, 2022 Pre-Sale Planning
Eric Ward (AltaView)
March 3, 2022 Creative Planning for Modern Trusts (Joint Meeting with DEPC)
John Andrews (Andrews Barth)
February 16, 2022 Building Blocks of Blockchain: Primer on Cryptocurrency for Estate Planners
Abigail Earthman (Winstead)
January 19, 2022 Lincoln, Churchill and the Power of Words
Talmage Boston (ShackelfordLaw)
December 15, 2021 IRS Update on Challenges to FLP and Other Transfer Planning
Anthony Daddino (Meadows Collier)
November 17, 2021 Family Governance
Christian Kelso
October 20, 2021 Private Placement Insurance
Bob Chesner (Edgewater Consulting)
September 15, 2021 Grantor Trusts
Phil Lindquist (Lindquist Eisenberg)
May 19, 2021 Claims of Surviving Spouses for Fraud on the Community
James Fisher
April 21, 2021 M&A Issues and Considerations
Brandon Jones
March 17, 2021 Maintaining Separate Property when a Marital Agreement is not an Option
Kathryn Murphy
February 17, 2021 CANCELLED Private Placement Insurance
Bob Chesner
January 20, 2021 Summary of the New Tax Laws Generated in Response to COVID 19
Kevin Harris
December 3, 2020 SECURE Act (Joint Meeting with Dallas Estate Planning Council)
Bob Keebler
November 18, 2020 Ways to Protect the Plan from Client Neglect/Faulty Maintenance
Laurel Stephenson
October 21, 2020 Business Succession Planning VIRTUAL MEETING
Kevin Rogers
September 16, 2020 What's Legal vs. Insurable/Title Company
Charles Kramer
May 20, 2020 CANCELLED What's Legal vs. Insurable/Title Company
Charles Kramer (Hunter & Kramer)
April 15, 2020 Medicare/Health Insurance VIA LIVE VIDEO CONFERENCE
Sharon Luker (Sharon Luker, CFP)
March 18, 2020 CANCELLED Ways to Protect the Plan from Client Neglect/Faulty Maintenance
Laurel Stephenson (Davis Stephenson)
February 19, 2020 Mineral Interests in Estates/Trusts
Virginia Moore (Virginia A Moore Law Office)
January 15, 2020 Trusts Used for Asset Protection
Andrew Knutson (Thompson Law, P.C.)
December 18, 2019 Entity Choice under the New Tax Laws
Sean M. Duncan, CPA (SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC)
November 20, 2019 What to do with the Not Quite Incapacitated Client?
Lori Leu (Leu & Peirce), Erin Peirce (Leu & Peirce), Mick Koffend (Accountable Aging), Mary Koffend (Accountable Aging)
October 16, 2019 Your Beneficiary Went to Boston - Why Should You Care?
Jim Roberts (Glast Phillips Murray)
September 18, 2019 Update on Trends/Strategies in Charitable Planning
Jamie Katzen/Brian Clark (Gray Reed & McGraw)
May 15, 2019 Life Insurance Beneficiary Disputes
Michael Young
April 17, 2019 Metadata, the Cloud and Identify Theft
Chris Meuse
March 20, 2019 Latest Trends in Business Valuations
Bob Bridges/Eric Ward
February 20, 2019 Management Trusts
Beth Owens
January 16, 2019 Family Dynamics in the Family Business/Succession Planning
Doug Box
December 6, 2018 Wealth Transfer Planning/Contemporary Family
Hugh Magill
November 14, 2018 What Estate Planners Need to Know About Family Law
Will Reppeto
October 17, 2018 Trust Accounting Issues
Eric Reis
September 19, 2018 Multi-Jurisdictional Estate Planning/Probate
Erny Simmons
May 16, 2018 Using Non-Cash Assets for Charitable Giving
Rod Riggins/Gary Garcia
April 18, 2018 Life Settlements/Valuations
Jamie Mendelsohn
March 21, 2018 ESOPs
Mark Russell/Ed Renenger
February 21, 2018 Elder Law Discussion on Public Benefits
Lori Leu/Erin Peirce
January 17, 2018 How to Formulate Your Vision for Your Legacy
Dave Roberts
December 7, 2017 Estate Planning for Special Needs Family
Tresi Weeks
November 15, 2017 Issues for Property/Casualty Insurance
Cliff Layfield
October 18, 2017 ETF Index Funds Vs. Mutual Funds
Mike Davidson
September 20, 2017 Trust Decanting
Eric Reis
May 17, 2017 Estate Planning and Administration for Digital Assets/Guns
Gerry Beyer
April 19, 2017 Transfer on Death Deeds
Ellen Bennett
March 15, 2017 Life Insurance Ownership & Beneficiary Issues/Planning for the Protection of Minors and Young Adults
Al Kingan
February 2, 2017 Current Estate Planning updates
Steve Akers
January 18, 2017 Community/Separate Property Issues
Jeff Domen
December 14, 2016 Training a Beneficiary on Being a Good Beneficiary
Steve Novak
November 16, 2016 Powers of Attorney from a Bank's Perspective
Jami Rasco
October 19, 2016 The Impact of Bankruptcy on Estate Planning
Bruce Akerly
September 21, 2016 Estate Tax Litigation
Don Lan
May 18, 2016 Guardianships and Guardianship Alternatives - Caring for the Mentally Incapacitated Person
Jeff Yates
April 20, 2016 Revocable Living Trusts
Shawna Brown/Dianne Reis
March 16, 2016 Special Needs Planning for Affluent Families
Tresi Weeks
February 17, 2016 Investing Under the Prudent Investor Act
Lori Ashmore Peters
January 20, 2016 Estate Planning & Marriage Equality for LGBT Texans
Lori Burch
December 16, 2015 Pairing Estate Planning with Insurance Policies
Kristen Bulat
November 5, 2015 How to do Estate Planning for Retirement Benefits and New Developments and Current Trends in Estate & Distribution Planning for Retirement
Natalie Choate
October 21, 2015 Estate Planning with Real Estate and Minerals
Sandy Dixon
September 16, 2015 Planning for Individuals with Diminished Life Expectancy
Eric Reis
May 20, 2015 Creating, Defending and Attacking Pre and Post Marital Agreements
Don Totusek
April 15, 2015 How to Identify and What to do when Professionals see Signs of Dementia in Professional Colleagues
Mick Koffend/Lori Leu
March 18, 2015 Social Security Strategies
Holly Carroccio
February 18, 2015 Successful Business Transitions
Justin Miller
January 21, 2015 Is Your IRA an IOU to the IRS?
Rex Hogue
December 17, 2014 Medicaid Update/Review
Lori Leu and Dianne Reis
November 6, 2014 Planning Strategies for the Modern Family
James Allen, Jr.
October 15, 2014 Family Values/Governance - Putting it into Practice
Kevin Rogers
September 17, 2014 Trust Ownership of an Operating Business-Tax/Non-Tax Considerations
Ben Carter
May 21, 2014 Estate Planning/Litigation Issues
Dianne Reis and Ed Rice
April 16, 2014 Estate Planning with Oil & Gas Interests
Derek Fletcher
March 19, 2014 Easing the Impact of Higher Income Taxes
Kellie DiDia
February 19, 2014 Charitable Planning Updates
Ramsay Slugg
January 15, 2014 Portability vs. Credit Shelter Trust
Shawna Brown, Don Totusek and Eric Reis
December 18, 2013 Protecting Your and Your Client's Security
Dee Elliott (Trident Response)
November 7, 2013 Planning for $10 Million and Under Estates
Steve Akers
October 16, 2013 New Law Income Tax Issues
Phil Lindquist
September 18, 2013 Family Foundation vs. Donor Advised Fund
Lesly Annen and Gary Garcia
May 15, 2013 POA-How Can it Mess up Estate Planning
Mark Caldwell, Elliott Burdette, Brian Thomas
April 17, 2013 Success Stories of Collaboration
Wade Chessman, CFP/Mark Ratliff, CPA
March 20, 2013 Estate Planning Without an Estate Tax/Best Practices
Shawna Brown/Michael Wald
February 7, 2013 Estate Planning Current Developments
Steve Akers
January 16, 2013 Ethical Wills/Family Values/Passing on Legacy
Rabbi Jordan Parr
December 19, 2012 Elements of Family Harmony Across Generations
Clint Haggard
November 28, 2012 Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts/Gifting with Strings
John Andrews
October 17, 2012 Family Conflict Resolution
Mark Voeller
September 19, 2012 Perspectives on Professional Fiduciaries
Marty Roos
May 16, 2012 Business Valuations and M&A Market
Peter Phalon
April 18, 2012 Creative Uses of Life Insurance
Jim Turner
March 21, 2012 Will Contests/Issues/Case Studies
Elliott Burdette
February 2, 2012 Estate Planning Under the New Rules
Steve Akers
January 18, 2012 Investing for Income
Bill Carter
December 21, 2011 Passing on Philanthropic Values
Ramsay Slugg
November 16, 2011 Trends in the Economy and How It Affects You
Bob Bridges
October 19, 2011 Crisis Planning for the Elderly
Lori Leu/Mick Koffend
September 21, 2011 Business Ownership Transitions in Estate Planning
Monty Walker/Brian Wendler
May 18, 2011 Domino Effects of Estate Planning (CPA)
Carolyn Smith
April 20, 2011 Business Succession Planning
Shawna Brown
April 7, 2011 Current Estate Planning Developments
Steve Akers
March 23, 2011 I Don't Need a POA, I Have a Revocable Trust!
Don Totusek
February 3, 2011 Estate Planning Current Updates
Steve Akers-CANCELLED for Feb 3
January 19, 2011 Medicaid Update &The Texas Long Term Care Partnership Program
Mary Koffend and Lori Leu
December 15, 2010 Estate Tax Return Preparation And Processing Pitfalls
Cynthia Camuel
November 17, 2010 What Would You Want to Ask the Probate Judge?
Judge Weldon Copeland
October 20, 2010 Elder Law Issues/In-Home Health Care Workers
Elliott Burdette, Myra Kirkland and Jo Alch
September 15, 2010 Charitable Planning
Jackie Franey, Jayne Grimes, Joe Hancock
May 19, 2010 Incentive Clauses
Curtis Groves, Joshua Tate, Norm Lofgren
April 21, 2010 Economic Trends
Dr. Bill Wallace
March 24, 2010 Real Estate Issues in Estate Planning
John Andrews
February 17, 2010 Estate Planning with Mineral Interests
Jim Creel
January 7, 2010 Estate Planning in Politically Uncertain TImes
Jonathon Blattmacher
December 16, 2009 Estate & Gift Tax Updates
Romar Carl
November 18, 2009 Alternate Valuation Dates/Issues
Judith Tobey
October 21, 2009 Estate Planning for the Non-Citizen Spouse
Shawna Brown
September 16, 2009 Behavioral Finance During the Great Recession
Richard Lee
March 25, 2009 IRS UPDATE
January 21, 2009 FIDUCIARY DUTIES
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